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insights colors - minter dial yellow/redMinter Dial is an American, with French citizenship, born in Belgium, educated in England, living in France, married with two children. He’s passionate about languages, acoustic guitar, WWII and nearly all racquet sports. Minter is an ENTJ (Extraversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judgment) according to Myers-Briggs and YELLOW/Red according to INSIGHTS (right).

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The Last Ring Home front cover as seen on PBS smallMinter Dial is the author and producer of the award-winning documentary film and book, The Last Ring Home. A personal and moving story that traces the lives of Minter’s grandfather and grandmother through WWII, The Last Ring Home is a loving legacy of courage, love and honor. The film, which has won multiple awards, including Best Foreign Film, Best Documentary and Best Screenplay, will be shown on nationally in the US on American public television in May 2017. The book is available at fine e-tailers.

The Myndset – Branding & Digital Strategy

On the professional front, after a 16-year international career with the L’Oréal Group — including 9 assignments in France, UK, USA and Canada — Minter launched The Myndset Company, a boutique agency providing business speaking and consultancy on leadership, branding and digital strategy. See Minter Dial’s LinkedIn Profile.

Minter’s Convictions

Herewith a signature profile video: My Convictions.

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