Firebrand TV – The MTV of Ads?

Firebrand TV - MTV of Ads
Courtesy of Greg Verdino and Joe Jaffe, have learned about the creation of FIREBRAND TV, “a new, opt-in entertainment and marketing destination that gives consumers interactive access to their favorite brands, products and promotions.” The idea is to create a space (TV, web & mobile platforms) to view the best film commercials just as MTV is/was the place to view the best music videos. Kind of an interesting concept. Going to have be super rich in content to work… to go beyond just attracting marketing geeks like myself. The site promises that consumers can simultaneously “Watch, shop, win & share.” The launch is slated for October 22. Sign up here on their home page for updates. Or join the Firebrand Facebook Group.

Check out the YouTube 4 1/2 minute commercial if you want to see their positioning:

Writeup at New York Business Crain’s

For couple of blogs on Firebrand:
Influential Marketing Blog – Rohit gives it a big thumbs up
A quick post at Marketing Vox

One thought on “Firebrand TV – The MTV of Ads?

  1. Minter- We are certainly hoping to be very rich in content and pleased with our partners thus far. So we think there is life beyond you marketing geeks =) Thanks for your post and check us out on October 22.

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