Why Pure ROI Just Doesn’t Make Sense

C-suite managers are educated, trained and stubbornly married to Return on Investment (ROI). Of course, we have to make sure the business is profitable, but the obsession with profits first has significant downsides. As a result of a focus on ROI, … Continue reading

Branding Gets Impersonal – Happy New Year Wishes by A.Person

It seems that the new year is as good a reason to send out an email to one’s database. It’s always interesting to see how and to what extent brands try to use such ”obvious” occasions to generate sales. Some brands are … Continue reading

Where is your CUSTOMER service? A decisive battleground for customer centric brands

A main artery of a truly customer-centric organization has to be customer service. When products (the what you do, as Simon Sinek might say) become marginally distinguishable, the surrounding service and services will indubitably carry a differentiable and valuable impact. It has … Continue reading

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Business Everywhere

Taking a step back recently, I tried to think of all the industries that have been radically transformed by the tsunami of the Internet. Internet has a way of altering the way of the land in many different ways because, … Continue reading