America First, Me Too – Where’s Europe?

Unless you have been living in a cave, you will have noticed that many countries have responded to Donald Trump’s America First pronouncement with a rather tongue-in-cheek Me Second video. It all began with this one from The Netherlands, by … Continue reading

Here’s What You Need To Know About SEO Today with Marcus Tandler @Mediadonis (MDE203)

Minter Dialogue with Marcus Tandler This interview is with Marcus Tandler, one of the premier and longest standing experts of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Marcus is now co-Founder and CEO at, a software that provides a way to … Continue reading

Interview with Roopak Saluja – Digital marketing, Storytelling & Content Marketing in India (MDE89)

Minter Dialogue Episode #89 This interview is with Roopak Saluja (@RoopakSaluja), founder and CEO of The 120 Media Collective as well as Bang Bang Films, a film production company, and the Jack in the Box agency. Based in Mumbai, Roopak is … Continue reading

How brands need to transform to succeed [video]

Convictions of a brand marketer This 3″43 film was produced by filmmaker, Robin Block, of Red Sky Vision, in conjunction with Simply Communicate, ahead of a keynote speech I made at the IABC Conference in Paris (22 October 2012). In … Continue reading

Ground Control to Major Tom

We will soon be able to evaluate the truth — at least half of it — behind the statement that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Here are two marvelous assets about the extraordinary voyage of Curiosity … Continue reading

Politics And The Web: Choosing The Right Digital Media Strategy

Digital Marketing by the Pols I made a presentation a couple of weeks ago at Hotel Napoleon, at the Conference entitled “Innovation Napoleon.”  This conference, at which I have made a number of presentations, unites a heterogeneous crowd around digital … Continue reading

Funny Video: Have Glass, Will Squash. Remi Gaillard the prankster

Not heard of Rémi Gaillard? If so, the chances are that is because you still only believe in mainstream media (MSM), i.e. you watch television, read newspapers and surf only the established sources on line. Rémi happens to be the … Continue reading Continue reading