Interview with Nao Sato: Talking digital marketing for the Japanese market (MDE82)

Minter Dialogue #82 This interview, recorded on November 22, 2013, is with the trilingual Nao Sato, President and CEO of Warp Japan, a digital agency based in Tokyo, Japan.  I was introduced to Nao by Alain Soulas (merci!), investor, entrepreneur … Continue reading

Speculation & Accountability – Can they lie together?

Gut & Data: Two sources of direction This post is inspired by a wonderful quote from Duncan Watts, of Yahoo Research, made on this McKinsey Quarterly podcast (May 2011): “Our enthusiasm for making predictions is matched only by our reluctance … Continue reading

Entrepreneurship – Economist Special Report on Why and How…

The Economist ran a special report (March 14, 2009) on Entrepreneurialism and there were several interesting and important points that I felt like writing about. The 16-page report discusses the state of entrepreneurship around the world. In some regards, the … Continue reading

China steps up efforts on Ecology

China bans free bags! In a second post (“Getting rid of Plastic Bags” May 2007) on the topic, I read in the Herald Tribune with a mixture of satisfaction and curiosity about China’s intended policy to ban the giving out … Continue reading

Internet Disconnection and Missed Communications

After a week of being disconnected from my computer and the Internet, I can truthfully say that I felt good about it. No email or blogging withdrawal symptoms, albeit a few other symptoms that come with visiting Egypt (more about … Continue reading

Google my rights – privacy beats piracy

In preparations for the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) meeting 24 September, in Montréal, Google’s Keeper of the Data, Peter Fleischer, has been on the bandwagon for a worldwide protocol for the protection of private data on … Continue reading