Interview with Carolyn Pearson, CEO of Maiden Voyage, social network for ladies on the road (MDE105)

Minter Dialogue Episode #105 This interview is with Carolyn Pearson, an entrepreneur based in Leeds, UK, who started up a social network for women travellers, called Maiden Voyage. With 7,000 members, this is an interesting niche business, providing a valuable … Continue reading

Women in social media – Why she makes business sense

Every day, it seems that a new social media site is being born.  I don’t think that is an exaggeration.  So, how to make head or tails of each of them? If I were a venture capitalist or perhaps even … Continue reading

Women and men on the internet and social media across 6 countries

Gender & cultural differences abound After having attended the International Women’s Forum 2011 in Deauville, where I spoke about Muscling up one’s eReputation with the dynamic Caroline Ghosn (Slideshare presentation available here), I was happy to hear about a released … Continue reading

Women’s Day 2010 – The French Equilibrium

In Paris, yesterday, I attended a conference hosted by the MEDEF (the union of employers in France), where the ORSE (Observatory of Societal Responsibility in Enterprises) was promoting among other things the arrival of a new book, « Patrons Papas: paroles de … Continue reading