Social Media and the Women’s Forum – The relevance of social media at events

I was recently asked by the Women’s Forum to write about the relevance of using social media for their Forum event.  Certainly, events and social media are a terrific match.  And, for an event that is, by definition, women-centric, social … Continue reading

Women in social media – Why she makes business sense

Every day, it seems that a new social media site is being born.  I don’t think that is an exaggeration.  So, how to make head or tails of each of them? If I were a venture capitalist or perhaps even … Continue reading

Women and men on the internet and social media across 6 countries

Gender & cultural differences abound After having attended the International Women’s Forum 2011 in Deauville, where I spoke about Muscling up one’s eReputation with the dynamic Caroline Ghosn (Slideshare presentation available here), I was happy to hear about a released … Continue reading

Women in Social Media – A golden opportunity for and in business

An article in USA Today “Groupon Mania ignites fight for ad dollars with deals” alerted me to a fact: women are playing a larger role in social media business than is the case in ‘regular’ business. In the article, there … Continue reading