Happy Birthday Wikipedia! 10 years and going strong

Today (January 15th, 2011) is Wikipedia’s 10th birthday.  And it is a great day, too.  With an Alexa ranking of 8th (not 10th!) and 400 million monthly unique visitors, Wikipedia captures daily 14% of the world’s internet users.  Wikipedia is … Continue reading

Enterprise 2.0 – How and why wikis make sense

Enterprise 2.0 — How wikis can make sense in a company setting. One of the top sites in pretty much any country is Wikipedia, with some 360 million monthly visits.  It is 7th worldwide per Alexa (6th in the US, 11th in France … Continue reading Continue reading

WikiLeaks: Wicked or Wonderful leaks?

WikiLeaks is one  of the most riveting initiatives (read: ongoing battles) on the Internet and is putting a new spin on the transparency-anonymity debate.  The Sunshine Press, which runs WikiLeaks, is an non-profit organization funded by human rights campaigners, investigative journalists, … Continue reading

Transparency & the Enlightening Role of the Internet (Part II of a 4 part series)

This is the second of four posts on the topic of Transparency.  The first post (link here) in this series dealt with transparency on a societal and individual level.  This second post deals with the role of the Internet in … Continue reading Continue reading