Safe Search And Private Browsing – 15 Services For Your Internet Privacy

It is clear that the vast majority of people are using the Internet and their digital tools and devices without really knowing the full consequences. In a piece I wrote over the Summer entitled Internet Privacy, I categorized the different … Continue reading

The Top 7 Tips to Surf Online Safely and With More Security

As much as one might wish or hope that buying a set of anti-spam and anti-virus packages will protect your identity online, any serious attempt to secure your online privacy and safety needs a lot more effort and resources. I used to … Continue reading

A secret message can truly trust? After Secret, Confide, Snapchat… escape the Internet with Wickr

At SXSW2015, I attended the very entertaining Knight Foundation event and was delighted to meet Nico Sell, a serial entrepreneur who helps organize and run the seminal hackers’ convention DEF-CON (which has been around for 22 years). Nico is also the co-founder and CEO … Continue reading