The Future of Learning – How should your company adapt and encourage constant learning?

Learning Organizations: New ways of managing As companies grapple with the effects and opportunities of the Internet, social media and the smartphone, internal organizations are having to adapt and transform to accommodate new ways of communicating, new marketing methods and … Continue reading

Twitter etiquette: Twitterquette & How to get many followers

After a recent thread in the “Tweeple” discussion group on Linkedin, I am spurred to write a piece about twitterquette or perhaps one could say, about the twitter quest: what’s Twitter for and how do you get many followers? What’s Twitter for? Twitter is … Continue reading

LeWeb Paris : Business Consequences for 2010-2011

Digesting all the information at #LeWeb conference 2009, I wrote up what I found were the nine most interesting points in three separate posts (one, two, three).*  Here are the consequences of these highlight points, as I see them, for business: Le … Continue reading

Ontologies and the Semantic Web – The future of Knowledge Management?

If you are like me, you will have said, “what on earth is an ontology?” Some form of scientific anthology? Well, I first came across the word “ontology” here, a post in which Professor Michael Wesch from Kansas University said/wrote … Continue reading

Information Revolution or Evolution – Michael Wesch Kansas State University

The Age of Information is in revolution or just evolution? That is the question behind this entrancing, 5’28 film by Michael Wesch (Assistant Professor at Kansas State University), posted on YouTube on October 13th. This is bound to be a … Continue reading