Empathic Futures – The Future of AI is Empathic Intelligence?

I recently joined an experiment in empathic intelligence (EI) called Empathic Futures. To be sure, it was a rather riveting experience. Part of a project funded by Volkswagen and created by Feld (a studio for digital crafts based in Berlin), the idea of Empathic Futures was to … Continue reading

How Best to Handle A Crisis – Erik Bernstein Talks Crisis Management (MDE194)

Minter Dialogue with Erik Bernstein This interview is with Erik Bernstein, Vice President at Bernstein Crisis Management. Working alongside his father, the renowned Jonathan Bernstein, the publisher of Crisis Manager and author of Keeping the Wolves at Bay, Erik has … Continue reading

Advertising: great messages that make great brands

Marketer’s delight: Ads that surprise While watching television (the film Hurt Locker and #RWC11) this weekend on my trip to Liverpool (UK), I was delighted by two sets of ads.  Not very often that happens, so I thought I would share … Continue reading