How to create a viral video – The Zombie Boy case revisited

The keys to creating a viral video When the boss asks you how to create a viral video to boost word of mouth, you should start by saying that the chances of success are basically close to zero.  The probability … Continue reading

True or False – Fact or Fiction – The Viral Marketing Mechanism

Many brand marketers would love to create a viral video or viral marketing program, right?  There is potentially an easy recipe if you analyze some of the past successes. But, beware, it might cost you! There is rarely a better … Continue reading

How to make a viral video – digital marketing on drugs?

If your boss comes to you and says, “Hey, why don’t we make a viral video?” you might want to consider running for the woods.  As a brand, the chances of successfully making a video that goes viral is rather … Continue reading

Interview with Dominic Tremblay, Tuxedo Agency: creator of Zombie Boy

Minter Dialogue #31 This interview is with my old colleague and friend, Dominic Tremblay, who left L’Oreal to launch his own creative agency, Tuxedo. Dominic is on the cutting edge of marketing and digital marketing, in particular. His agency has … Continue reading

Emotion In A Bottle? Washing Away The Blues!

I bookmarked this article (kindly forwarded to me by Jóhann) from the Wall Street Journal, entitled “Wash Away Bad Hair Days.”  The article is about P&G’s efforts to recapture consumers who, over the most recent hard times, have cut back … Continue reading Continue reading