Content Distribution – via virality, shareability or media buy?

After getting on the social media bandwagon, brands are rushing to content marketing like gold diggers to the open pit. But, just like for gold diggers, the real issue may be the distribution, not the gold in the pit. More … Continue reading

In good do we trust? What do we trust?

A recent study on Trust by GFK paints a rather gloomy picture for business executives and marketers. Whether it is the retailer, business executive (entrepreneur), advertising specialists (a proxy for marketers), market research team or celebrity spokesperson, people around the … Continue reading

Suffering from Red Bull Syndrome? How dangerous is it for business?

How many times do you think executive committees around the world have discussed the Red Bull brand?  Ever wondered what they might say or think?  Within this conversation, I suspect we will find what are the dangers of the Red Bull … Continue reading

True or False – Fact or Fiction – The Viral Marketing Mechanism

Many brand marketers would love to create a viral video or viral marketing program, right?  There is potentially an easy recipe if you analyze some of the past successes. But, beware, it might cost you! There is rarely a better … Continue reading

How to make a viral video – digital marketing on drugs?

If your boss comes to you and says, “Hey, why don’t we make a viral video?” you might want to consider running for the woods.  As a brand, the chances of successfully making a video that goes viral is rather … Continue reading