Banking Adverts – Exposing Your Soul Or Making A Point?

I often like to check out and juxtapose ads from the same industry. For this post, I wanted to look at two banking adverts: from HSBC and NatWest, both of which are headquartered in London. I’ve long admired the HSBC … Continue reading

Branding Is Not About Dying The Wool – The Woolrich Case Study

You would imagine that Woolrich, the outdoors clothing company that was started in Woolrich PA in 1830, is steeped in tradition, values and history. They have, after all, survived this long. And what of their branding? I found them with an … Continue reading

Can Good Parenting Skills Be Transferred To Management?

When I was first asked the question whether parenting skills were transferable to the work place (in terms of management skills), I shrugged off the idea. But, with some further reflection, I think it is entirely appropriate. Maybe it’s about … Continue reading

Communication Anxiety – You Are How You Communicate

 After a post I wrote last week about burn out, I was gifted some wonderful comments. They were not comments one might easily publish since, at the end of the day, they represent some of our deepest fears, issues and convictions. … Continue reading

The 9 1/2 Truths About Human Nature and What Brands Need To Do About Them

We are all quite aware that the times they are a changing… but it’s worth remembering that there are certain facets of human nature that have not changed. Over the summer weeks of reflection, I thought it worth putting down … Continue reading

The innovation – confidential conundrum : how to foster a dynamic spirit of innovation?

In business, we often have to navigate between opposing forces. Take the need for confidentiality versus the spirit of innovation. There are some things that must be kept under wraps. For example, it might be a secret recipe, a pending … Continue reading

Why I find professional football (aka soccer) so unfortunate?

I am mortified when I see the values of the highest paid and most watched football players and managers.  It’s a disgrace.  Watching the most recent Euro 2012 tournament which winds up tonight, I have been reminded about the way … Continue reading