In Return For Free Wifi? What Is And What Should Be Allowed In Terms of Value Exchange?

I did a social sign in the other night at the Cumberland Arms and did a double take before authorizing the ”permissions” in exchange for free wifi. Of the four “opt ins” requested, which one gets your hair up most? Update your profile? … Continue reading

From value extraction to value exchange – the new marketing mindset

Most of the corporate finance and marketing courses that I followed in business school back in 1992-3 talked about the need to extract value from one’s activities. It is a founding principle of great branding that says that marketing is … Continue reading

Money for nothing and wifi for free… How to monetize wifi?

As the provision of wifi becomes more commonplace in places of commerce (malls, stores, restaurants, clubs, etc.), there are a number of different ways companies are looking to monetize wifi or otherwise gain value out of offering ”free wifi.” These include: … Continue reading