How to Navigate Digital Transformation in 3 Key Steps

Having accompanied a number of senior executives in setting and driving the digital transformation agenda, it strikes me that many people continue to take it from the wrong point of view. Just like BIG DATA is anything and nothing, can … Continue reading

CAVEAT EMPTOR: When the value-added marketing is not evident!

At its core, branding is about adding value into one’s offer. It is both an art and a science. The science is typically applied to innovation in the form of Research & Development, the excellence in the product and the veracity of … Continue reading

Promises, Promises… A Connected Taxi? Building Trust Through Technology

The sector of transportation is just another in a long hit parade of sectors massively disrupted by technology. Looking at the taxi industry, in particular, the entrenched taxi base has been combating the Uber effect with various tactics and techniques and with … Continue reading