Creating An Excellent Omnichannel Customer Experience — Case Study #1 For The Banking Customer Journey

There is nothing more pertinent than having a first hand experience to bring to light just how hard it is to create an excellent customer experience. Put another way, it’s awfully easy to screw it up with so many channels and … Continue reading

Uber Disruption – How To Benchmark Your Brand – Corporates Still Lagging Way Behind

Uber is Disruption. It’s almost pure disruption, including in its ethical approach. But, one area of Uber disruption that might have gone below the radar is inside big business. One recent Uber driver gave me a smart insight into how Uber is … Continue reading

How To Wow – Driving An Amazing Customer Experience with Adrian Swinscoe (MDE210)

Minter Dialogue with Adrian Swinscoe This interview is with Adrian Swinscoe, expert in the customer experience, author of Pearson-published How to Wow, 68 Effortless Ways to Make Every Customer Experience Amazing, a frequent Forbes contributor all the while running Rare … Continue reading

User Experience Design at Honeywell with Vincent Boyce (MDE191)

Minter Dialogue Episode #191 This interview is with Vincent Boyce, User Experience Principal at the Honeywell, a $40B tech company whose mission is to make “our world cleaner and more sustainable, more secure, connected, energy efficient, and productive.” In this … Continue reading

Customer experience – two different consumer journeys featuring BT and Orange

Most futurists or “futurologists” have predicted that access to the Internet will be everywhere. Even if the “Internet of Things” (IoT) may be considered a trendy trending term, the vision of hyper connectivity all the same continues to excite me. However, caveat … Continue reading

Interview With Tom Dougherty, Ux Director At Delete (mde91)

Minter Dialogue Episode #91 This interview is with Tom Dougherty, founding partner and head of User Experience at Delete Agency, a digital agency with a twist. Delete likes to push the boundaries, using a strong creative process, with standout clients … Continue reading

Interview with Christian Holst, @Baymard Institute, on how to improve the user experience

Minter Dialogue #63 This interview is with Christian Holst, co-founder of The Baymard Institute, based in Copenhagen, a research firm focused on how to improve the user experience. In this conversation with Christian, we discuss the challenges of making a … Continue reading