How To Be The Best Salesperson – The Four Key Steps

In any version I have of the ideal salesperson in the future, nothing will trump the strength of a great relationship. In an environment of deep flux, companies are grappling with the effects of the internet, an avalanche of new … Continue reading

Can a CEO “get” the digital mindset without “being” digital?

Can an executive claim to have a digital mindset and understand how to use and invest in digital tools and applications if he/she is not actively using the digital tools and platforms? This is a profoundly important question for companies engaged … Continue reading

The Mystery of the Unanswered Messages – Why people just can’t call back?

Speaking with a number of entrepreneurs around me — especially those having to deal with people within large business (but not only) — there are way too many unanswered messages out there. There is an evident dearth of people who … Continue reading

How to grow your brand on Twitter – 6 keys

With Twitter now eclipsing 200 million active users and on the verge of an IPO, there can no longer be any doubt that Twitter will become a regular feature on the docket of marketing executives. The company Twitter will be … Continue reading

Who to follow on Twitter? A cartography of types of Twitter profiles and users

According to Twopcharts (which is admittedly a bit wonky), Twitter now apparently boasts over 2.1 billion accounts created, with some 300 new accounts coming every second.   If that 2.1B number is anywhere near accurate, it certainly includes an enormous number of spammers and … Continue reading

Interview With @vincent_ducrey, Co-founder Of The Hub Forum And Hub Institute (mde73)

Minter Dialogue #73 This interview, recorded on Sept 6, 2013, is with Vincent Ducrey, a repeat guest on my show, although previously on the French version of Minter Dialogue. In this podcast, we talk about the upcoming HUB FORUM 2013, 10-11 … Continue reading

Birthday greetings – How might they evolve?

Last year, August 2012, I recorded all the birthday greetings I received via the various channels and posted the details in this article on Myndset. This was not an exercise in self-aggrandisement and/or auto-flattery*. It was to see what and how … Continue reading

The exciting world of Visual Mapping of Networks and Spheres of Influence

As our worlds become evermore connected and inter-connected, a visible component to our networks could become more valuable.  I have been quite fascinated by how different visual mapping tools help to visualize our networks and, more importantly, what they can … Continue reading

How to identify influencers on social media?

If you want to get your message out, there is nothing like good word of mouth.  But, when the recommendation is out of the mouth of an influencer, that’s word of mouth on steroids.  {Click to Tweet!}  So how, as … Continue reading

How to grow your Twitter following?

If you want to know how to grow your Twitter following, I observe that there are five clear methods to do so.  The bad news is that there is no free and easy path, unless you are perhaps already a mega star.  … Continue reading