Gladtrotter Your Own Personal and Personalized Guided Tour (MDE214)

Minter Dialogue with Diane Aubry This interview is with Diane Aubry, a French entrepreneur with a wonderful initiative called Gladtrotter. This is a platform that matches guides with tourists looking for roads less traveled and tours less typical when visiting … Continue reading

Hands on. The Pleasures of Vintage, Touch and Using the Hands

My friend, Adrian Swinscoe, wrote a fine post, “The Warmth of Analogue,” about how and why vinyl records are making a return. The Guardian article, Vinyl’s Difficult Comeback, describes the 40-50% growth rates in vinyl sales in the US (9.2 million units in … Continue reading

Three things you don’t know about Iceland

Having just spent a few days Iceland, I have reaffirmed the fantastic advantage of travelling to a country to open your mind. With no more than 24 hours on Iceland’s sunny (if cold) shores, I discovered three things I didn’t … Continue reading

Uber beautiful – is Uber creating value? I tend to believe so

Last night, my Uber driver, Mohammed (from Somalia), was an absolute delight. As much as one can argue about some of the less salacious tactics of Uber, the underlying principle of Uber creates an environment for truly different experiences. I … Continue reading

EasyJet Customer Experience – A failure waiting to happen

As companies continue to inch (literally) ever closer toward greater and greater productivity, I can say that I was only mildly amused when the EasyJet flight attendant on a recent flight cajoled us into listening to the pre-flight safety announcements. … Continue reading

Recycled newspapers – Bobo fantasy or true eco-tourism?

On our recent family holidays to Kerala, India, I was struck how several hotels used recycled newspapers. Specifically, I found recycled newspapers being used as bags (for example, for shoes), sanitary bags, envelopes and garbage inserts. The bags were carefully … Continue reading

Interview with RJ Friedlander, CEO of ReviewPro, on Ratings & Reviews for Hotels (MDE70)

Minter Dialogue #70 This interview is with RJ Friedlander, CEO and Chairman of ReviewPro, a sophisticated Ratings & Reviews platform for hotels, helping them to manage their online reputation and improve customer intelligence.  RJ has a long history of digital … Continue reading

Emotional Food Rau – Restaurant in Naples‏ with interesting concept

Raù, a trendy ‘Mediterranean’ restaurant in the heart of Naples, boasts a fairly novel concept: “Emotional Food.” While we did not get a chance to try the place and experience the food, I was struck by how ‘on trend’ the … Continue reading