The Privacy of SMS – How Companies Should Leverage This Channel

When configuring the settings to my phone, I tend to turn off basically all notifications. My conviction is that it is just not advisable or desirable to become the victim of the whims of others. As it is, I get … Continue reading

Text Message (SMS) – Why it’s a marketing paradise (and my nightmare)

When looking at the ever evolving improvements made to the Gmail interface (my primary email client), I shudder when I think about the unprotected SMS inbox.  As a consumer, we are basically defenceless.  As such, the text message could become … Continue reading

SMS & Healthy Loving Relationships

After getting drummed into our heads that using mobile phones may be carcinogenic, I am increasingly encouraged by recent studies saying that using the text (SMS) function is good for you! For its immediacy, the acceptance of shorthand (and errors) … Continue reading