Andrew Grill – Getting the social mindset to drive your business (MDE154)

Minter Dialogue Episode #154 — This interview is with Andrew Grill, IBM Global Managing Partner for Social Consulting. A repeat guest (my first podcast with Andrew here) on the show and keynote speaker of worldwide renown, Andrew and I discuss digital … Continue reading

What’s Your Deal? What Lies In The Discount Culture

I was struck by an article in the UK Metro daily newspaper headlined, “Discount culture is to blame for M&S woes.”  Three of the major retailers in the UK (Tesco, Morrisons and M&S) announced negative results, despite indications that the … Continue reading

Tesco Redcurrant Jelly, Out of the Box Marketing?

Sometimes you come across some of the most unlikely marketing maneuvers, presumably designed as out of the box marketing. A marketing manager’s refrain might be: “just slap NEW onto it” and people will come running! {Click to Tweet!} I recently … Continue reading