Ad and Marketing Effectiveness via Del Levin at Nielsen (MDE164)

Minter Dialogue Episode #164 This interview is with Del Levin, head of the Marketing Effectiveness practice for Nielsen China, based in Shanghai. With a blue chip background in marketing at Colgate and as an American who speaks Chinese, Del is … Continue reading

Finger, Face and Phone… Privacy is going viral?

In the wake of the NSA/Prism revelations, it begins to become too big to ignore: everything is being or will be monitored.  Privacy is becoming a central issue of the internet and, by extension, should be a central concern for … Continue reading

4 keys to creating a winning Digital Marketing Strategy

We can, at last, affirm that Digital Marketing has gone mainstream for all FMCG companies – around the world.  As companies continue to focus in on their digital marketing strategy and investments, the challenge remains integrating and blending the digital … Continue reading