Uber beautiful – is Uber creating value? I tend to believe so

Last night, my Uber driver, Mohammed (from Somalia), was an absolute delight. As much as one can argue about some of the less salacious tactics of Uber, the underlying principle of Uber creates an environment for truly different experiences. I … Continue reading

Promises, Promises… A Connected Taxi? Building Trust Through Technology

The sector of transportation is just another in a long hit parade of sectors massively disrupted by technology. Looking at the taxi industry, in particular, the entrenched taxi base has been combating the Uber effect with various tactics and techniques and with … Continue reading

Connected Taxi – What Does A Plugged In Taxi Driver Look Like?

I just love London taxis!  Talk about a ‘brand’ with deep trust.  Their look, cabin size, (“the”) knowledge of the drivers, and their general level of courtesy all make for a great symbol of London. As goes the taxi experience, … Continue reading