The state of marketing technology, building community and purpose into your brand experience with Kelly Hungerford (MDE277)

Kelly Hungerford is a digital marketing and marketing operations expert, based in Switzerland, helping small and mid-sized enterprises and brands on their digital transformation initiatives. In this podcast, we discuss some of the differences between marketing in Europe versus the … Continue reading

Industries stuck in time

I read a post last week on Brandchannel entitled “Are Luxury Watches Stuck in Time?” which triggered a few thoughts including: How many luxury industries are stuck in time and what is the level of risk for the upper end … Continue reading

Aeroflot floats an advertisement

Aeroflot floating a TV advertisement to capture international business travellers? How amusing, if not ironic. I observed on television last night in Gstaad, Switzerland, a television ad by Aeroflot, promising “world class” service. Aside from a very mediocre execution, the … Continue reading

When politics, branding and entertainment merge…

We are in the midst of a number of important changeovers in governments around the world. My home country, France, has not only changed government, but seems to be giving France a JFK-esque-1st-100-days-run-for-your-money changeover. Sarkozy is giving true meaning to … Continue reading