Is Progress Inevitable? The More Digital One Is, The Less Digital One Wants To Be?

I’ve been known to start off conversations by saying: Most Gen Y don’t agree with me; Gen Z typically frown at the thought; and Baby Boomers tend to split down the middle. The underlying concept behind this question is: Is … Continue reading

To Dictate Or Collaborate – Is It Better To Have Vision Or Listen Intently…?

In a recent conversation I had with a CEO of an online site, we exchanged on the almost conflicting nature of giving bold direction and vision versus empathic collaboration and listening skills. On the one hand, if we adhere to the … Continue reading

Authentic leadership through the digital storm – Interview with Mark Thompson, coach to Branson, Schwab and Jobs (MDE142)

Minter Dialogue Episode #142 — This interview is with Mark Thompson, a world-renowned executive coach who works with top business figures and legends, such as Richard Branson and Charles Schwab and, previously, with Steve Jobs. He is a best-selling author … Continue reading

Customer Centric Leadership – Why the CEO should be an active beta user

Perhaps they are (or were) geeks, but I believe Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos’ obsession with being the biggest beta user of new products defined their success and is something of which all top executives — almost no matter the business — … Continue reading

New school versus old school management: who is right?

If Internet has opened up many new opportunities and opened the way for Zuck-style leadership and Googlesque game rooms (see right), the competitive pressures for many senior management teams in “traditional business” seem to encourage a pavlovian return to “old” … Continue reading

Real leadership credentials and schools as social networks

Great leadership is undoubtedly rare.  Establishing the best leadership credentials is a tricky task for any board.  Every culture has their preferences, and it would be foolish to suggest that the best perceived schools are bad credentials anywhere.  Schools act … Continue reading

What are the real leadership lessons from Steve Jobs biography? CEO’s listen up!

The Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson is a masterpiece, albeit below par compared to Isaacson’s other biographies.  The book was published in November 2011, only a month after the death of Steve Jobs (October 5, 2011), so timing was … Continue reading

How to look again at role models and best practice sharing

Do you get it? In these changing times and an evident sense of disorientation, we are quick to latch on to success stories.  There is a certain urgency to get “it” as if there were a magic wand, single solution. … Continue reading

Grateful Marketing Lessons : A Dead Show Is Not A Concert, It’s An Experience

“Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead” (Amazon).  Talk about a book that I wish I had written.  As a long time fan of the Dead (“Deadhead”) and a travelling businessman, I feel like my involvement with the Dead very much … Continue reading Continue reading