Advertising: great messages that make great brands

Marketer’s delight: Ads that surprise While watching television (the film Hurt Locker and #RWC11) this weekend on my trip to Liverpool (UK), I was delighted by two sets of ads.  Not very often that happens, so I thought I would share … Continue reading

Roger Federer is William Tell. Just amazing!

If you needed any extra proof that there is talent behind those hard hitting, charming chestnut brown eyes, you need to see this. Whether or not you play tennis, you will appreciate the unedited skill. Note that he is NOT … Continue reading Continue reading

Tweet Tweet : The pulse of the game. You pheel the Phillies!

Sporting a digital pulse Not that I am a baseball fan, but I do keep an eye out for my adopted hometown, Philadelphia, whenever they are in the playoffs.  This year, after a great regular season, I see that the … Continue reading Continue reading

Funny Video: Have Glass, Will Squash. Remi Gaillard the prankster

Not heard of Rémi Gaillard? If so, the chances are that is because you still only believe in mainstream media (MSM), i.e. you watch television, read newspapers and surf only the established sources on line. Rémi happens to be the … Continue reading Continue reading

Cricket Twenty20 : Afghanistan versus United States in 2010 WCQ

“Cricket: Afghanistan versus United States in 2010” Who would have ever thought that these words could be strung together? I was alerted to this potentially potent sporting event coming up next week via an article in the London Times, entitled, … Continue reading

V for Victory or V for V Painful? Obama and Michelle see things differently….

This photograph from the UK’s Guardian newspaper (17 Sept 2009) caught my attention initially for the curious position, in the foreground, of the unfortunate person on the receiving end of a flip in a judo exhibition. Then I zeroed in … Continue reading