Finding a CRM Voice – The Right Values, Meaning & Frequency

Customizing your Real Message & Finding a CRM Voice? As I mentioned in the prior post, I believe that the consumer world is in the midst of a true paradigm shift. In these dire economic times, there is a huge … Continue reading

Categorising my personal emails

I receive, I would estimate, about 35 non-work related more or less ‘old fashioned’ messages a day via the multiple communications services to which I am subscribed: hotmail, gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. When taken alongside the 100+ mails received daily … Continue reading

Spamalot Monty Python Review NYC

Spam, spam, spam, bacon & spamalot – internet emails meet On Broadway ? While in New York, my wife and I had a 4th July evening to ourselves (celebrating our independence) and decided to hit Broadway. Our choice: Spamalot at … Continue reading

Facebook and new media communication…the deluge continues

Facebook, Blackberry, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Hotmail, Twitter, Plaxo, Jaiku, Bloglight.ning, and so on … the options for getting in touch are spreading rampantly. There is, on the one hand, a convergence and agglomeration of sites and, on the other, a … Continue reading

Word consumption & the power of silence

We consume words with our most precious resource: time. As such, we should be extremely watchful in its expenditure. Are you not tired of the deluge of words that gush out of some people’s mouths? Between formalities, small talk and … Continue reading

Why are we here? And the lifecycle of blogs

So, what’s the blog all about? Aside from facing the inimitable existentialist questions about oneself, I have seen a slew of posts on the “why” of blogs and what is it all for? A few observations come to the fore. … Continue reading