MDE#15: Barbara Mallinson, CEO and Founder of OBAMI, a robust social network designed specifically for schools

Barbara Mallinson  founded OBAMI, a social network and eLearning platform specifically designed for schools. Barbara is on a mission to bring the best eTools and social networking to teachers and learners.  OBAMI enables the teachers to distribute resources, to allow … Continue reading

China steps up efforts on Ecology

China bans free bags! In a second post (“Getting rid of Plastic Bags” May 2007) on the topic, I read in the Herald Tribune with a mixture of satisfaction and curiosity about China’s intended policy to ban the giving out … Continue reading

Springboks’ De Villiers as Coach

Peter de Villiers has been named as the first black coach of the rugby union world champions South African Spingboks. Coming on the heels of the World Cup victory (in October 2007), this is quite a move. And, after just … Continue reading

Rugby values multi-cultural – RWC 2007 commentary

Rugby values are truly multi-cultural if they can cross the Channel. I was enthralled by a couple of articles written in the “Coupe du Monde — Plantète Rugby” magazine by Le Nouvel Observateur (the article is no longer available on … Continue reading

RWC 2007 Pools Starting to Dry Up

The Tongan “close call” against the Springboks was another exciting game up to the half, with South Africa leading 7-3 in a parsimonious affair. Then, a breakthrough from Tonga that saw them leading 10-7. The South Africans brought in some … Continue reading

Cheeky Watson – Politically Correct Rugby

Thought I’d share with you, in brief, the story of Cheeky Watson, 53, a South African rugby star who turned down playing in the (senior) Springboks as part of an anti-apartheid protest. It was 1976, the year of the Soweto … Continue reading

England Rose wilts vs RSA, Rugby World Cup 2007

Last night’s 36-0 lambasting of England versus South Africa, in part, confirms England’s diminished performance against the US. It also reconfirmed the Southern Hemisphere’s general primacy. Even if it is early days in the tournament, one gets the suspicion that … Continue reading

Will Live Earth encourage the sports world to go green?

In the aftermath of Live Earth 7.7.07, it struck me that the sporting world could also take up the green cause in a more formal fashion. Live Earth apparently attracted an audience of 2 billion people. [As an aside, I … Continue reading

Getting rid of plastic shopping bags

When in Nice on holidays, I gladly paid 5 cents at the Monaco Carrefour for a plastic shopping bag. Upon researching the topic, there are apparently between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags used every year by consumers worldwide. … Continue reading