Interactive Restaurant – 80% Digital and 20% Analogue – Review of Inamo in London

Inamo has two “digital” or interactive restaurants in London, the first of which was installed in September 2009. In terms of menu, Inamo serves an Asian fusion mix. I went with a couple of geeky friends and wanted to see … Continue reading

Made in – A New Digitail Experience: The eStore Translated into a Physical Space

I had the chance to visit the new showroom of in London (that opened in January 2015). In terms of a blend of IRL and URL, has blazed a new digitail experience that’s worth the detour, whether or … Continue reading

Retail is Detail, especially with Digitail (digital in retail)

The expression, “Retail is Detail” has long existed.  As digital becomes integrated into the retail experience, what is being termed as “digitail,” the notion of detail in digitail takes on a whole other scope and, potentially, level of importance.   We … Continue reading