What’s the best way to connect with people on LinkedIn?

Have you ever wanted to connect with someone on LinkedIn but weren’t sure how best to get that person to accept your invitation? For sure, even if that person is a 2nd degree connection (ie. a friend of a friend), the … Continue reading

MDE#15: Barbara Mallinson, CEO and Founder of OBAMI, a robust social network designed specifically for schools

Barbara Mallinson  founded OBAMI, a social network and eLearning platform specifically designed for schools. Barbara is on a mission to bring the best eTools and social networking to teachers and learners.  OBAMI enables the teachers to distribute resources, to allow … Continue reading

5 Best Productivity Tools: Lists, Groups & Filters with GMAIL (#5 of 5)

The power of digital organization In this, the last of the 5 posts on the best productivity tools, the focus here is on the power of lists, groups and filters.  Call it your Digital Network Organization (D.N.O.).  Best in class … Continue reading

INSEAD mobile app – technology helping learning and networking

Networking in the 21st century I am very happy to report that my business school, INSEAD, has taken on social media, podcasting and mobile with great vigor.  Not that I have followed their every action at INSEAD, nor can I … Continue reading

Diaspora* Social Network Alpha Version is going mainstream… slowly. A first review.

I was mildly amused to receive the Alpha Invitation to join Diaspora. Just after having written about social media fatigue and the continuing appearance of new choices in social media, here comes yet another choice.  A long time in the … Continue reading

So many choices! How to choose the right social network?

Which social network to choose? Everyday these days there is the birth of a new social network — not forgetting the birth of the new and powerful addition of Google+, launched a month ago and which now has 20 million … Continue reading

G+ or Google Plus: Turning chaos into an opportunity for a new social network

Another G+ Social Network? By now you have probably heard about Google’s competitive offer to Facebook: Google+ (you can visit my profile here).  So, you would be excused for thinking that the latest launch of the G+ Social Network also … Continue reading

G+ Google Plus Social Networking: It’s Not Just Who You Know, But Why You Know Them

Google Plus is a Plus, no doubt Google has arrived with a splash on the social media scene — which is what Google Plus or Google+ is.  After the failed attempts with Google Buzz and Google Wave, I believe that Google+ … Continue reading

Real Social Networking at Meetings – A Poken Effort

Wireless networking tools Attending conferences is a great opportunity to meet new people, to network and exchange ideas.  That’s why, theoretically, it is better than watching a live stream or reading the Twitter hashtag from afar.  Finding an efficient way … Continue reading

Surprising facts about the fastest growing countries on Facebook last week

An Unvieling of Facebook’s Growth Not that we need to keep weekly tabs on the meteroic rise of Facebook, but there was something a little curious about the statistics that were published (thanks to CheckFacebook) about the fastest growing Facebook … Continue reading