Interview With Tom Dougherty, Ux Director At Delete (mde91)

Minter Dialogue Episode #91 This interview is with Tom Dougherty, founding partner and head of User Experience at Delete Agency, a digital agency with a twist. Delete likes to push the boundaries, using a strong creative process, with standout clients … Continue reading

Social business – is there anything beyond social media marketing?

One of the big buzz words being thrown about by the digirati (aka intelligentsia of digital marketing) and social media marketing mavens is the concept of a social business. Among the bigger groups, IBM and the Dachis Group seem to be … Continue reading

Buy Buy Love, Hello Emptiness

Just like the rich kid who gets friends by handing out candy to the other kids in the playground, many large companies focus their resources on buying friends. The ways that brands can now invest in digital marketing has mushroomed. Such … Continue reading

Interview with Rajiv Mehta, talking digital marketing in India (MDE87)

Minter Dialogue Episode #87 This interview, recorded on January 22, 2014, is with Rajiv Mehta, fellow INSEAD alum (2005) and CEO of Puma South Asia, based in Bangalore. In this conversation, we focused on two interesting digital activities — including … Continue reading

Barketing or Engaging? 5 keys to avoid barking too much and to foster engagement

When you close your eyes and imagine the sound of a barking dog, what does it conjure up for you? Is the image in your mind of a cute and cuddly dog you owned or own?  Is it the neighbor’s … Continue reading

Interview with James Moffat, CEO of The Organic Agency – pragmatic digital marketing advice (MDE83)

Minter Dialogue Episode #83 This interview, recorded on December 1, 2013, is with James Moffat, CEO of The Organic Agency, a digital agency based in Exeter, England. In this conversation, we discuss the differences and challenges of B2B versus B2C … Continue reading

Jeremy Goldman on eCommerce, Digital Marketing and Branding (MDE80)

Minter Dialogue Episode #80 This interview, recorded on October 23, 2013, is with Jeremy Goldman, aka @Jeremarketer, who has started his own agency, Firebrand Group, based in Manhattan. Sharing a passion for branding and digital, and having both passed through … Continue reading

How to grow your brand on Twitter – 6 keys

With Twitter now eclipsing 200 million active users and on the verge of an IPO, there can no longer be any doubt that Twitter will become a regular feature on the docket of marketing executives. The company Twitter will be … Continue reading

What does critical mass mean in social media?

As much as digital marketing experts might wax on about the opportunities for one-to-one relationships or customized communications, brands still need to gain a sufficient audience – to which I refer as critical mass — and return to warrant the investment … Continue reading

Who to follow on Twitter? A cartography of types of Twitter profiles and users

According to Twopcharts (which is admittedly a bit wonky), Twitter now apparently boasts over 2.1 billion accounts created, with some 300 new accounts coming every second.   If that 2.1B number is anywhere near accurate, it certainly includes an enormous number of spammers and … Continue reading