Social Marketing in the Digital Age – Lessons Learned by Chris Palmedo at CUNY School of Public Health (MDE195)

Minter Dialogue with Chris Palmedo This interview is with Chris Palmedo, Associate Professor of Marketing, Media and Communications, CUNY (City University of New York) School of Public Health. In this podcast, we discuss the rise and importance of social marketing. … Continue reading

Brand Marketing: What’s the engine for your Locomoso? 59 keywords!

 Words that go So-Lo-Mo must go Co … As the So-Lo-Mo (Social-Local-Mobile) expression gradually goes mainstream, I ponder how the myndset within organizations must change to accommodate the new style(s) of marketing.  Being social is already a challenge.  Providing a … Continue reading

Shotgun or Social Marketing?

The Digital Marketing Dilemma To buy or not to buy your way onto the scene? Brand marketers are mobilizing themselves to “get digital.” I hear it every day. The bosses are all excited.  Marketing managers are frenetically meeting agencies.  HR … Continue reading

The value of a Facebook friend, ROI and Return on Interactivity

As we continue to debate the Return on Investment (ROI) in the social media space and the profitability of one’s digital marketing strategy, I am betwixt and between: it is a totally normal question that any respectable business person must … Continue reading

CRM ought to mean Conversation that’s Relevant and Meaningful

The mystery of CRM Sometimes, I get the feeling that Customer Relationship Management or “CRM,” is about as badly understood a concept as marketing itself.  What I studied in business school in terms of marketing was a far cry from … Continue reading Continue reading

TellMeWhere Social Search Service, Interview with Gilles Barbier, CEO & co-Founder

I caught this interview with Gilles Barbier, founder and CEO of TellMeWhere, while at LeWeb 2010.  TellMeWhere (DisMoiOu in France) is one of my favorite apps on my iphone, providing a handy social search when I am out and about … Continue reading

Need a coach for your brand ? – Part 2 : DNA, Identity, Reputation: The brand as an obvious “social” landmark ?

The brand is, by definition, a quality reference, a specific universe and a vector of values.  A brand is recognized for its quality and, in its domain, garners a reputation and expertise, which can lead to taking a position of … Continue reading Continue reading