Digital marketing and transformation with Jeff Rohrs @JKRohrs (MDE134)

Minter Dialogue Episode #134 — This interview is with Jeff Rohrs, VP of Marketing and Insights at Salesforce, as well as author the must-read book Audience, Marketing in the age of subscribers, fans & followers. In this podcast, we talk … Continue reading

Rylan Holey – Social business and social media in music (MDE114)

Minter Dialogue Episode #114 This interview is with Rylan Holey, EMEA Partner Manager for Hootsuite, the versatile and robust social media management system. With a background in music and working in social, Rylan is passionate about social business. In this … Continue reading

Why and how should you go to South by Southwest (aka SXSW)?

There are typically three schools of thought about South by Southwest (aka SXSW): It’s over. It’s over-hyped. It’s passé. It’s a zoo. It’s a waste of time. I also heard “too much ass licking.” This, or words to that effect, … Continue reading

Social business – is there anything beyond social media marketing?

One of the big buzz words being thrown about by the digirati (aka intelligentsia of digital marketing) and social media marketing mavens is the concept of a social business. Among the bigger groups, IBM and the Dachis Group seem to be … Continue reading

Social Executive – For the boss who still doesn’t believe in tweeting

For some time, I have been waxing on about how Twitter is an invaluable tool for senior executives (e.g. Does the Boss Tweet?). The best way to use Twitter will surely vary according to the profile, the context and business objectives. … Continue reading

Doug Hewett, founder of People Made: Putting people at the heart of the brand (MDE60)

Minter Dialogue #60 This interview is with Doug Hewett, who is the co-founder — along with Brook Calverly — and Managing Director at the newly formed People-Made, a brand consultancy at the cross-section of brand, culture and social. Doug comes from … Continue reading

Interview With Delphine Remy-Boutang, Ex Worldwide Social Media Director For IBM

Minter Dialogue #37Delphine Remy-Boutang is the founder and CEO of Social Bureau, a social business consultancy, created in 2012. With a most interesting background, particularly when Delphine was Worldwide Director of Social Media Marketing at IBM, where she worked for … Continue reading