The Biggest Brand Disruption In Two Words

What’s causing the most disruption of your brand? Some will point to social media, the mobile phone or other technologies. But it’s not the technologies themselves that are disrupting brands, it’s how they are being used. Moreover, when you look … Continue reading

Is Progress Inevitable? The More Digital One Is, The Less Digital One Wants To Be?

I’ve been known to start off conversations by saying: Most Gen Y don’t agree with me; Gen Z typically frown at the thought; and Baby Boomers tend to split down the middle. The underlying concept behind this question is: Is … Continue reading

Time To Be Cruel? Why It’s Time To Set Our Clocks Differently

When it comes down to culture clashes, the tussle over time often is most revealing. Think about how you gauge your own tardiness. How acceptable is it to be late when you are going to : a dinner with friends … Continue reading

Digital Etiquette – The Survey Says…

Last week, I conducted a survey and received nearly 200 responses. You can see the first post on the topic here, featuring the results across the 13 questions, each of which tackled a specific “digital” situation. For each question, the … Continue reading

Digital Manners – Stemming the Tide of Poor Habits and Etiquette

It’s true that my peers and I (as well as plenty of those that followed) went to school with any more than (at best) access to a computer. So how is society to self-educate? With parents that haven’t been trained, we are supposed … Continue reading

Creating a mobile etiquette standard

We are all, inexorably, becoming dependent on the mobile. It’s a personal device, loaded with personal information, linking us to a digital world, all our data (in the cloud) and a click away from our friends and family. The smartphone is a … Continue reading

How to develop a mobile etiquette? The CREST framework

Have you ever been mad at the way someone has used his/her mobile phone? For example, do any of the images below irritate you? Do you find that mobile etiquette is missing? As mobile, tablet and phablet variations continue their … Continue reading

Mobile, Data & Privacy – The Big Deals And Key Words For Business In 2014

As “new” technology gradually becomes more embedded into “business as usual,” defining tech trends and hot tickets for a specific timeframe can seem almost anachronistic. Technologies arrive and mature at different times according to the culture, the sector and, sometimes, … Continue reading

Details – The devil in digital marketing : A Eurostar case study

Boosting your travel experience I enjoy travel, despite the myriad hassles*.  Digital is now an integral part of that travel experience.  Thus, I also enjoy pointing out digital marketing initiatives by travel companies. For example, I am a regular on … Continue reading

Smartphones – Where are the smart marketers?

Get smart (-phone) marketing As smart as the internet can make you, it is not called the smartnet nor the intellinet.  Meanwhile, mobile phones that connect to the internet are called “smart phones.”  Not sure I subscribe to the title.  … Continue reading