Uber Disruption – How To Benchmark Your Brand – Corporates Still Lagging Way Behind

Uber is Disruption. It’s almost pure disruption, including in its ethical approach. But, one area of Uber disruption that might have gone below the radar is inside big business. One recent Uber driver gave me a smart insight into how Uber is … Continue reading

3 keys to reducing EMAIL HELL

Many — if not most — people complain about the overwhelming number of emails they receive. It might be called email hell. In today’s world of multi-channel communications, the issue has worsened considerably and is likely to deteriorate even more. … Continue reading

Digital birthday greetings and why Social CRM isn’t cheap

On your birthday, you will surely receive those heartwarming swarm of posts, tweets, mails, text messages and telephone calls, a far cry from the odd telephone calls and snail mail birthday cards of yore.  I had a lovely birthday recently … Continue reading