How Purpose Can Drive The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Success with Alex Tonelli (MDE251)

Minter Dialogue with Alex Tonelli Alex Tonelli is a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, having been among other ventures, co-founder of Funding Circle USA, the immensely successful peer to peer lending network. He’s now founder and CEO of Vocate, an online … Continue reading

Making of a Legendary Marketer with Christopher Lochhead (MDE245)

Minter Dialogue with Christopher LochheadChristopher Lochhead is the co-author of “Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets” and co-host of “the podcast Silicon Valley needs” Legends and Losers. Having been a CMO of three publicly traded companies … Continue reading

The Maddening Truth About Disruption

A lot of conferences, books and businesses are talking about disruption. With so much banter, it’s hard to get to the bottom line truth about disruption. On Google, there are now 43.4 million search results for the term, with some … Continue reading

When Is A Mistake Allowed? Managing The Right To Err

One of the mantras you are likely to hear in Silicon Valley is that failure is a natural if not necessary accoutrement on a CV. However, for many people in business — especially with a more traditional mindset — failure … Continue reading