Peugeot’s Drive To Tennis – Immersive Experience or Experiment?

Peugeot is promoting an “immersive tennis experience” as part of its showroom and online activation. As you can imagine, it’s a rather digital experience. Given my love of tennis and my familial link to Peugeot, I had to check it out. For … Continue reading

Made in – A New Digitail Experience: The eStore Translated into a Physical Space

I had the chance to visit the new showroom of in London (that opened in January 2015). In terms of a blend of IRL and URL, has blazed a new digitail experience that’s worth the detour, whether or … Continue reading

How To Avoid Showrooming? A Major Concern For Many Stores…

Showrooming – Show me the money “Oh-oh, here comes another whipper-snapper equipped with a smartphone to show up our inefficiencies.” There are a large number of retailers who feel threatened by the showrooming trend.  For those not aware, showrooming is … Continue reading