Mindset and Marketing trends 2016 – What To Watch Out For

Last week, I published the first section of the business trends predictions for 2016, focusing on the new technology trends. This week, I present the other two sections, looking at the trends for marketing and in terms of mindset. The truth is … Continue reading

Decoding the Business Trends for 2016 – Bits, Bytes and Bozos

Every two years I like to put out my predictions of business trends — with a heavy marketing bias — for the upcoming year. Reviewing those I made for 2012 and 2014 and now looking at the predictions for 2016, there are some new … Continue reading

BlaBlaCar – Why It’s the Poster Child of the Sharing Economy

BlaBlaCar , which is a service that connects drivers and people prepared to pay to share the ride, has just received a $200 million VC injection which puts them at a $1.6B valuation (via VentureBeat). As such, it has become the top … Continue reading