Storytailing à la Under Armour in Shanghai – 80% story and 20% store

During my visit to Shanghai, I visited the brand new Jing An Kerry shopping mall, situated in prime real estate downtown.  On the 4th floor, Under Armour has opened an innovative shop, truly not like others.  Storytailing: a true execution where … Continue reading

A Chinese fashion show for dogs… When pure players go offline to catch traffic

During my stay in Shanghai, I was lucky enough to be invited to a very unusual fashion show entitled Glam Dogs, a fashion show for dogs.  Put on by the flash sales site, Glamour Sales China — whose founder and … Continue reading

Thoughtful China – Interview with Normandy Madden (@normandymadden), Executive Producer (MDE69)

This interview is with Normandy Madden. Recorded on my latest trip to Shanghai, this podcast gives us a glimpse into the Chinese digital market. Normandy is the executive producer of Thoughtful China, a weekly online advertising affairs program with over … Continue reading