The New Eurostar e320 Train…. A Singular Example of Poor Design          

This winter, Eurostar finally started to roll out its new e320 train. Being a regular Eurostar passenger, I was very keen to experience the improvements. Notably, I was very excited to get wifi onboard…at last. According to their site, the design of the … Continue reading

British Airways First Class is more like Last in Class

This may seem like a First World problem, but my experience with British Airways is a great point in case about how visceral and personal a relationship can be with a brand. Two months ago, I had a miserable experience, having … Continue reading

Details – The devil in digital marketing : A Eurostar case study

Boosting your travel experience I enjoy travel, despite the myriad hassles*.  Digital is now an integral part of that travel experience.  Thus, I also enjoy pointing out digital marketing initiatives by travel companies. For example, I am a regular on … Continue reading

The French Service Issue : “mal compris”

French Service .  For some, this is an oxymoron.  Some like to say the same thing of American Intelligence.  But as far as French Intelligence is concerned and American Service, we tend to be on the right track! Regarding French … Continue reading