Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Great Content, With Martin Adams CEO of Codec.AI (MDE261)

Martin Adams is CEO & Co-Founder @ Codec, a platform using AI to help produce content and drive content marketing. Martin is also a speaker on innovation, AI and the blockchain. In this conversation, we look at how Martin has … Continue reading

Googling Google Logo – The Challenge of Online Branding Exposed

I needed to use a Google logo in a presentation and wanted to update for the new logo (see right). So, what better circular activity than to google the new Google Logo? To my surprise, it actually took a little … Continue reading

One too many – Why the simple route is the right way to go

Among the many acronyms out there being used by consultants, agencies and brand marketing teams alike is 1-to-1 or 1-to-many.  Or, as my friend Brian Solis says frequently, in this digitally enhanced era, there is one-to-one-to-many. In parallel, there has been … Continue reading