Benevolent Big Brother – 3 reasons why you absolutely need to have one

Unless you have been living in a cave, you now have an idea to what extent big brother is watching over you. Every day, there is worrying talk or media coverage around cyber-spying, cyber-criminality and privacy incursions, not to mention the data gathering by … Continue reading

Anonymous secret apps – Decrypting the business opportunity

Privacy and security are hot topics this year, not just in social media. Guarding one’s privacy is of paramount importance on a personal level. In business, the challenge is more about keeping strategic information and data under wraps. There is … Continue reading

What Do Beta Mode And Code Naming Have In Common?

The other day, I heard how a project with a code name was actually launched with the very same code name. It kind of makes a mockery of the secrecy that “code” names are supposed to provide, no? Also, under … Continue reading