Want a Digital Restaurant? Le Bar à Huitres in Paris serves a digital appetizer

Using an iPad as a menu for a restaurant is hardly innovative today. That said, it certainly isn’t the norm (yet). As restaurants come to grips with the notion of becoming a “digital restaurant” and dealing with its ever connected customers, … Continue reading

Interview with James Moffat, CEO of The Organic Agency – pragmatic digital marketing advice (MDE83)

Minter Dialogue Episode #83 This interview, recorded on December 1, 2013, is with James Moffat, CEO of The Organic Agency, a digital agency based in Exeter, England. In this conversation, we discuss the differences and challenges of B2B versus B2C … Continue reading

Google Instant Search – Instant nightmare for SEO strategies?

The launch of Google Instant Search on Wednesday (Sept 8), which is guestimated to bring about 350 million hours in annual time savings worldwide, is also going to bring about a mini revolution in SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques.  I … Continue reading Continue reading