John Matherly, Shodan Founder and CEO – search engine for the internet of things #Netexplo

Minter Dialogue Episode #97 This interview is with John Matherly, founder and CEO of Shodan, one of the top 10 laureates at Netexplo 2014. Shodan is a search engine for the Internet of Things (IoT). John is at the cutting … Continue reading

Offsetting Google dependency, an upsetting thought?

Having just listened to the podcast interview by Daniel Rowles (Target Internet) of Dr Dave Chaffey, I was intrigued by the concept of avoiding reliance on Google for your business.  Is it possible or desirable to avoid Google for your business? … Continue reading

RTBot – A spammy new search engine… Warning: stay away!

The latest form of spam Recently, I was contacted directly by someone announcing that I should check out RTBot (Real Time Bot) a new search engine, dare I say, yet another.  So I checked it out.  The RTBot search engine promises … Continue reading

The five greatest productivity tools: the wow desktop search Greplin (#4 of 5)

Where’s that file? As so much of what we do dematerializes into some form of digital matter, the way we organize our digital assets will be as important as the old filing systems we used to hang physical papers in … Continue reading

Announcing a Haredim Kosher Search Engine: Koogle

This post is being published today, Wednesday, a day other than Saturday, on purpose. It is about yet another new search engine… In the wake of Wolfram Alpha and Bing, announcing Koogle (, a cross between Google and Kugel (the name … Continue reading

Wolfram Alpha Search Engine to be launched May 2009

To read the author’s pre-released blog post (written March 5, 2009), Wolfram Alpha, the new search engine due out in May 2009, is a kind of combination of the Theory of Everything meets Enstein’s Google.  The author, Stephen Wolfram, is … Continue reading