One of the great advantages of eCommerce: it does depend on…

As companies continue to ramp up their eCommerce efforts, there seems to be no end to the teething pains. Coming to grips with the omni/multi/ubiquitous channel customer is no easy feat. But, in an aha moment, it struck me that … Continue reading

David Meerman Scott – Marketing the Moon and the new rules of sales and service (MDE129)

Minter Dialogue Episode #129 — This interview is David Meerman Scott. David is a world renowned author, speaker and strategist on the key topics of sales, marketing and PR. His books include The New Rules of Marketing & PR, now … Continue reading

Is employee engagement important in a customer centric organization?

If you are exploring a digital transformation process, there are two important things to know: The shortcut is that you will need to become more customer centric than you are today You are not alone! According to the Altimeter 2014 … Continue reading

How To Be The Best Salesperson – The Four Key Steps

In any version I have of the ideal salesperson in the future, nothing will trump the strength of a great relationship. In an environment of deep flux, companies are grappling with the effects of the internet, an avalanche of new … Continue reading

5 considerations for the future of sales – Business Insider

An article I wrote was just published by Business Insider: “5 Rules for the Future of Sales.”   Through my operational experience at L’Oreal, having had among other posts, Managing Director of the Salon Division in Canada, I retained a very … Continue reading