Perform Like A Champion – How Rugby Can Teach Us Some New Tech Tricks

Role Models Many are the companies that will hire a prior Olympic athlete or World Cup Champion to inspire the troops to greatness. Generally, it’s about finding aspiration and role models. It’s also hopefully about ingesting the “tricks” and “attitude” of … Continue reading

Springboks’ De Villiers as Coach

Peter de Villiers has been named as the first black coach of the rugby union world champions South African Spingboks. Coming on the heels of the World Cup victory (in October 2007), this is quite a move. And, after just … Continue reading

Formula 1 Brazil Miracle GP, RWC 2007 Final & Tennis Masters wrap up

Formula 1 Miracle meets Mighty Masters Nalbandian Victory meets Boks Clean Sweep at RWC 2007. A truly gripping weekend of sports. And if that weren’t enough, on Saturday night, the Boston Red Sox won again to bring back to even … Continue reading

Rugby values multi-cultural – RWC 2007 commentary

Rugby values are truly multi-cultural if they can cross the Channel. I was enthralled by a couple of articles written in the “Coupe du Monde — Plantète Rugby” magazine by Le Nouvel Observateur (the article is no longer available on … Continue reading

2 by 2, France joins England (En-glad!) by beating NZ All Blacks 20-18 in RWC quarterfinals

What a day! First England and then France down the mighty teams from down under on the same day in the RWC 2007 Quarter Finals. Historic? yes. Unimaginable? Totally. I got off the plane at noon yesterday in Paris and … Continue reading