Why Spelling Mistakes And Grammar Errors (Are Different And) Both Count!

Considering most computers come with spell checkers, it seems hard to imagine how an important document can ever have spelling mistakes. Not that my blog — with over 1300 posts — or my books are without mistakes, but when you have a … Continue reading

Why Social Media Goes Wrong

Geo-Loco : More loco than Local I have gradually begun to ween myself off of Foursquare. Gone are the competitive days where I feverishly checked in to see how many points I had won. One of my prouder check-ins was … Continue reading

Emotional Food Rau – Restaurant in Naples‏ with interesting concept

Raù, a trendy ‘Mediterranean’ restaurant in the heart of Naples, boasts a fairly novel concept: “Emotional Food.” While we did not get a chance to try the place and experience the food, I was struck by how ‘on trend’ the … Continue reading

Permanent Changes arising from the Economic Crisis

Changes? What Changes? The ongoing worldwide economic crisis has created many obvious changes in behaviour, mostly focused on the effects of reduced funds. Whether it is the fear that makes a salaried person “tighten” his or her budget or someone … Continue reading

Announcing a Haredim Kosher Search Engine: Koogle

This post is being published today, Wednesday, a day other than Saturday, on purpose. It is about yet another new search engine… In the wake of Wolfram Alpha and Bing, announcing Koogle (www.koogle.co.il), a cross between Google and Kugel (the name … Continue reading

The Month of New Search Engines?

In the years to come, will this month be declared the month that forever changed the face of Internet search engines? There have been at least two significant launches that I have read about. Based on sophisticated algorhythms, these two … Continue reading