Digital Transformation – More Than Resources, A Mindset [Infographic]

If the issue of digital transformation is indeed more about mindset than money, one must ineluctably come to grips with the allocation of those scarce resources. This infographic, based on a survey of more than 300 top executives in the … Continue reading

What the social phone means for digital marketing

On the heels of the bloody 2Q earnings report by Facebook, the subject of the Facebook phone has become a hot topic, promptly denied by Mark Zuckerberg. The question of the Facebook phone garners a good amount of negativity, probably … Continue reading

Money is no object? How to find the funds for digital marketing

When talking digital marketing with companies, I tend to come across two general postures: those who are fighting for more funds and more people (to man the keyboards) and those who have been assigned the task of bulking up their … Continue reading

Have you ever used this excuse? Why loose change is more popular than real change

Have you ever heard or said either of these excuses? “We’re so lean we don’t have the budget” or “You understand, we’re behind on our targets, so we don’t have any more budget”  I think it’s highly unlikely you haven’t … Continue reading