If Your Company Wants To Be A Media Company, It Needs This Position Urgently

Have you noticed recently how many companies and leaders have been caught out for having a poor culture, bad ethics and/or a questionable leadership style? Headline companies (and CEO) over the last few years have included (but not limited to): Sony … Continue reading

Driving Engagement And Experience At Aston Martin with Simon Sproule, CMO (MDE192)

Minter Dialogue with Simon Sproule This interview is with Simon Sproule, CMO at the iconic luxury car company, Aston Martin. In this podcast, we discuss the impact that digital has had on the company and on its marketing. We explore Aston Martin’s recent … Continue reading

Interview with James Moffat, CEO of The Organic Agency – pragmatic digital marketing advice (MDE83)

Minter Dialogue Episode #83 This interview, recorded on December 1, 2013, is with James Moffat, CEO of The Organic Agency, a digital agency based in Exeter, England. In this conversation, we discuss the differences and challenges of B2B versus B2C … Continue reading

How to create a viral video – The Zombie Boy case revisited

The keys to creating a viral video When the boss asks you how to create a viral video to boost word of mouth, you should start by saying that the chances of success are basically close to zero.  The probability … Continue reading

Suffering from Red Bull Syndrome? How dangerous is it for business?

How many times do you think executive committees around the world have discussed the Red Bull brand?  Ever wondered what they might say or think?  Within this conversation, I suspect we will find what are the dangers of the Red Bull … Continue reading