What’s Whichit? A promising new way to heighten engagement (MDE135) – Itw with Jonathan Gan, CEO and Founder

Minter Dialogue Episode #135 — This interview is with Jonathan Gan, founder and CEO of Whichit, a promising new way to heighten engagement. Based in London, Jonathan is a man on a mission. In this podcast, we talk about some … Continue reading

Are we all in a giant internet shaped crucible? Guest post by Manish Gajria

The power of A and B Any internet/ecommerce product manager worth his or her salt knows that the best way to learn about your customers is to ask them. However, operating in the equivalent of an earth-sized shopping mall with … Continue reading

Louis-Philippe Morency, Principal For SIMSENSEI, Netexplo 2014 Laureate

Minter Dialogue Episode #99 This interview is with Louis-Philippe Morency, one of the Principal Investigators on the SimSensei project being run at USC. SimSensei was one of the top ten award winners at this year’s Netexplo Forum. Louis-Philippe, was voted one … Continue reading

Is your name scrabbled? Do you have a mind-scrabbling name? See what your name say about you!

I have a few Polish friends whose names stand out as exceptional point scores for Scrabble. At least, that is, if you can find a way to throw in a few extra zzz’s into your word. My own name (N … Continue reading

V for Victory or V for V Painful? Obama and Michelle see things differently….

This photograph from the UK’s Guardian newspaper (17 Sept 2009) caught my attention initially for the curious position, in the foreground, of the unfortunate person on the receiving end of a flip in a judo exhibition. Then I zeroed in … Continue reading

Tetris helps in trauma therapy — But what about kids’ memories?

Via Sciences Humaines, a very insightful and thorough French magazine, I read [this article in the aug-sept 2009 issue] about how the video game, Tetris, has been identified as helping trauma victims recover. A study* by scientists at the University … Continue reading